Episode 1: Using the Moodle Assignment Activity


This first in a series of podcasts from the e-Learning Team at the University of Bath will investigate the Assignment Activity in Moodle and how it can adopted for online submission of student work.  In a discussion with Jess Francombe (Doctoral student in the Department of Education) and Rachel Wood (e-Learning Development Officer in the Department of Engineering), the benefits and challenges of using the assignment activity for formative and summative assessment within two very different programmes of study will be explored.  Conclusions will be drawn that highlight opportunities for integrating its use in other teaching and learning contexts and the processes needed to ensure successful implementation.

Listen to the podcast: eatbath Assignment Podcast mp3

Further information related to the subject of this podcast:

Assignment activity FAQs are available here: http://go.bath.ac.uk/bxs6

How to: set up an assignment activity in Moodle: http://go.bath.ac.uk/ogie

Support available from the Moodle community:
* Assignment activity documentation: http://go.bath.ac.uk/lmoc
* FAQs about the assignment activity: http://go.bath.ac.uk/mozi
* User forum on the assignment activity: http://go.bath.ac.uk/dr77

Other useful links:

Recent publications from the e-learning team are available on Opus here http://go.bath.ac.uk/6sip.

The Moodle Development Plan 2010 is now available online at (http://go.bath.ac.uk/moodledevplan2010).

Details of the e-Learning workshops mentioned and many other training opportunities and events are detailed on the LTEO webpages here http://www.bath.ac.uk/learningandteaching/.

Share your comments

We would welcome feedback on any of our podcasts.  Feel free to leave comments on the podcast blog page, fill out our quick survey here , or e-mail e-learning@bath.ac.uk with observations, ideas and questions.


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